Poverty (Vincent254)

Day in day out, I am always suffering
No permanent place to sleep
Hunger, hunger, my stomach complains
The mouth is always dry
Bins are the sources of my food
Clothes are tattered and torn
When I cry for help, no one come to the rescue


Every day I am always shouting,
Begging in the city center Streets
Where the riched do their shopping
Sometimes I don’t eat because of weakness and hunger
They always scold me and neglect me


I walk barefooted
My teeth are always dirt
My hair Scruffy
No toothpaste and soap are available
I use water from public places


My fellows go to school,
Whilst, I am busy walking in the streets
My relatives denied me
I am orphan
I have no one to care for me


When I seek help from churches
They say we don’t have money
Public places are the source of water
I hope one day in my life
God will rescue me
From this bondage of poverty

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Borner Bes Poem


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