Poverty (Sam Sly)

Life has its own challenges. It’s also a cycle. Today you have something tomorrow you have nothing. And life goes on. You don’t have any right to criticize anyone just because they are less fortunate. We all can’t fit in white-collar jobs. We all can’t afford to wear suits all time. The reason being our financial status.

Just imagine we all wear suits all day, who will wash our cars? Who can lie down to with a suit to repair a broken engine or any other car parts?

Poverty can lead someone or society to do something worse. Many teenagers indulge themselves in some activities to at least salvage something for their upkeep and survival. Immorality, for instance, many young girls decide to stay out in the cold, selling themselves for the survival of their siblings or for their survival, yet the government promised its people greener pastures.

Drug abuse among youths has also increased crime rates. Some youths don’t do it because they are willing to, they do it because they have lost hope.
To achieve something nowadays you really need ‘a tall relative’.
No one wishes to be poor. The circumstances we are in makes us poor.

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