Poverty (MIC The Life Student)


Nelson Mandela once said, “poverty is not an accident,
Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is man-made”.
It took me five years to understand this,
Especially in a world where a kid is born with no plan,
So yes,
family planning is just but a plan,
until where the finances start to kick in,


Children are born with no Shirt to put on,
Not enough food to feed and health care bills to take care of,
Some dropping out of school in pursuit of money,
Hoping tomorrow,
you have a reason to smile;
so my father is teaching me,
We don’t give up on our roles to provide,
We may go hungry sometimes or maybe most of the time to save a nickel and dime,
So Time, Time is an illusion but in the east that’s money,
My boys from the Eastlands spend time in the badlands,
and just need a little time,
They spend their coins on ladies waiting for mpesa confirmation just to take them for a ride,
Little do they know that poverty kicks in when you spend your income on a party,


I know a group of young men who would rather take it to the streets,
Rioting and looting while blaming the society for not having their backs,
For them not having enough bucks to ride on their horseback,
While in my worst fears, I hope to get enough time to work on my ideas,
I know ladies who would rather sell a part of their bodies for money,
Cardi-bitches with an attitude that shouts everybody is a whore,
We selling different parts of our bodies anyways,
Anyway, So this is my peace of mind for free,
We are co-creators of our realities,
Money doesn’t save your ass when you don’t save enough,
If you don’t earn like them don’t spend like them or live for fun,
Life will treat you harsh if you take it in a rush,


What you see on T.V is stage rehearsed to appear so flashy and shiny,
Vitu kwa ground huwa ni different,
Keeping up with the Kardashians is cool but you come from the Eastlands,
That’s a Kanye west production, what a time for waste.
So yes, change starts with you.
Every decision draws you closer or away from poverty.
So get an asset, invest save and reinvest to manifest.
Make hay while the sun shines.
Na hii si PR, Hii ni life lesson,
So take it or leave it and don’t mention it.
The invisible ink that describes visible ideals

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