Poor Korir (Newton)

Love is like a chameleon. It changes according to the weight of your wallet. If love is a loaf of bread, then Korir would get a slice. He was the boss in the town. If money could be a heaven ticket, maybe he could be the Elijah of the bible.


Intelligence is the key in human beings, but Korir did not have it. A fine lady like Vera of Kenya approached him. Her looks bewitched his mind, and he foolishly fell in love. He spoke, and she replied with a smile. He took her to his house, and she became his wife.


One night he came home drunk, he sang all kinds of songs. He was ready to receive the daily warm welcome from his wife as he used to. He thought that his wife was asleep, so he never disturbed her again anymore. He was too tired to get into bed. He lay on the floor of the sitting room and slept.


He shouted her wife’s name but what he could hear was an echo from the walls of his big house. The room was empty.

The lady had gone with all that belonged to Korir. His drunkenness did not allow him to notice what was happening till the morning of the next day. Poor Korir had nothing left to own. Love left for Korir.

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