Poetic Justice (Bard Mwendwa)

Justice to the innocent heart
One that loves a wild flower,
of tremendous blossoming beauty,,
of beautiful tranquil moments,
blissful peace,
when goodbyes ache,
memories burn.
she being miles away.

Her touch like that of the morning sun,
When she smiles this way
it’s grumbling butterflies ,
a kiss from her tender lips,
shivering goosebumps,
She makes me wanna fly,
high and high of her super human love,
In her arms i find peace,
golden tranquility,
Romeo and Juliet romance .

Poetic justice to the innocent heart
that just adores his wild flower,
fueled by cupid love,
he’s crazed to her beauty,
in fear of the unknown,
whether she’ll stay or she’ll go,

Hold on,
Time will tell,
Love’s sweet tale,
Don’t let go.

This is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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