Phinick's History

Phinick got a chance to compete for the Madva title against Sincere on 1st February 2020, the then current title holder and Swinnertone a poet to the Madva competitions. Swinnertone was able to secure a title reign by receiving a lot of votes from readers who loved his poem. On 7th March 2020, Bard Mwendwa, Phinick and Niccur competed for the Madva title and Bard Mwendwa was able to defeat them and retain his poets title at Madva. On Lucky’s first Madva competition; on 4th April 2020 he managed to compete against Bard Mwendwa and Phinick for the Madva poet competition which he won from the then title holder Bard Mwendwa. On 23rd May 2020 Grace competed against Phinick and Niccur where she managed to defeat them and get a first win in her competitions. On 6th June 2020, Swinnertone competed against Phinick and Lucky for the Madva poets title. He managed to defend it.

On 4th July 2020, Lucky competed against Swinnertone and Phinick. He managed to win a Madva poets title. On 22nd August 2020, Yvenne competed against Velly and Phinick. He managed to win the contest.On 5th September 2020 Berry Brenda had a contest against Phinick. Berry Brenda won the Elimination Contest Round 4 and moved to the next phase.

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