Paradise (Bard Mwendwa)


Where the wind’s scented,
with the aroma of fresh tulips,
Roses and lilies beauty,
It’s quiet, rivers running downstream
Waterfalls and birds chirping as your new tune,
Eating off your favorite fruits,
No worries, lingering around the green forest,
Living off your tree house with your lover
Making love  by the river shore,
Night’s calling in by the crickets,


Counting the stars, giggles, and cuddles therein,
Dawn’s brought in by the hummingbird,
Sunrise front view, sensational mornings,
Life itself is now worth living,
No pollution, No skyscrapers,
No global warming,
No politics,
No hatred,
No greed,
No money; just peace,
Peace in a serene paradise.


Paradise could be a fantasy or a dream,
Perhaps even a myth,
Cause it was in this self-centered world,
would such a peace be found?
Either in a fantasy or a myth,
from folklore stories, maybe?

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