Online Scammers (Niccur)

Hello there everyone; There has always been scamming all round the social media we have always befriended it and has become an idol worship. The famous fixed matches and betting winnings around fooling the youths of very good assured money once they purchase the betting tickets from some merchants who are most probably scammers. They target the young people and also some parents who want a more suitable lifestyle for their kids and to themselves. These scammers are around the internet today and all social platforms where they market themselves with fake stories and betting tickets which they assure their customers once they buy its going to be a guaranteed must win.

So I have a special message to all users of these social platforms not to be fooled but be wise and keep in mind that, “Rome was not built in a day”. It is through much hard work and dedication onto certain workplaces or talents and activities that can give some one cash and the lifestyle a person will be needing. That cash one is using to purchase the ticket is used by the scammer to suit his/her needs and not really into the real life of betting so as we use these social platforms and if necessary make either part-time or full-time cash. We should always be keen where we put our seeds to sow; so as we can rip fruitful harvests

Here is Derrick’s article, Donnel’s article

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