One Second Thought (Bard Mwendwa)

On second thought, hope it’s well brought,
Maybe the inside eater did the job quite faster,
The inside eater was an awaken-er,
Awaken-er to remind us of the reality
Awakening our sense of living
Through the essence of giving,
On second thought, we needed a portrait,
The inside eater fed on toxic paint
And what art did we get?
Graves built from tears
Blood shed and family tears,
The inside eater instilled fears,
It takes and has no spares, it scares, it too prepares.
On second thought, we needed a reminder,
That we living by style Yet it should be in style,
That we fragile, yet we should be agile,
By style, try a fresh health lifestyle,
Quit being angry on what fate had
Start seeing what is bad
Enjoy what is good,
Good for health, not as good as meth,
On second thought, maybe it’s no tragedy
But the only key remedy,
The inside eater fed on toxic paint
It used you as it’s portrait,
What a sad fate, It did its play,
showcased its characters,
Maybe a round of applause to the directors,
They awoke a view on lifestyle to the spectators.
On second thought, gold and silver coated paper sounds good
But an apple has it’s lifestyle joy, To more life, enjoy.

Here is Niccur’s Article, Kelvin’s Art

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