Once Upon A Time; Writers (Lauren)

Once upon a time man was a lover of nature. The early people lived in caves and forests. They entirely depended on nature for foo, shelter and clothing. However as time went by, formal education was introduced and our ancestors abandoned their ways. Man started to harm to the environment . Industrialization came with both harm and good. Wastes from industries were directed into rivers, smoke from the same industries released into the atmosphere while they contain poisonous gases.

Again referring to my high school knowledge, the same industrialization led to the reduction in number of white peppered moth in London. It was immediately after industrialization in London when the white lichens on trees were covered with soot thus the white peppered moth was predated upon leading to reduction in number .
Man started mining, leaving derelicts everywhere on the surface; leave alone poaching. Different wild animals are poached. For example; the elephant for tusks and zebras and antelopes for skin. This once upon a time was unheard of .

In conclusion:
Once upon a time was a clean world, once upon a time man cared for nature, once upon a time, and even now; man entirely depended on nature so let us give back to nature .

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