Once Upon A Time; Writers (Finnared)

“Once upon a time ….” I paused my story as flashes of memories rushed through my mind, down my spine. I was about to tell a story of how I met my sweet husband, their great grandfather. That day was so vivid in my mind.
“Why did you stop shosh ? ” my great grandchild Jamila asked. It seemed like deja vu; only that I was the grandmother in this experience. I remembered the old times
when we sat around papa listening to the same old sweet ogre stories and now here were my great grandees doing the same. The only difference in this tedious familiarity was that this young and jumpy generation was too wise for such stories; they could bomber you with questions and facts if u talked about some cliché ogre stories. They were so much engrossed in those scientific fiction movies everybody watched thus to keep them glued you had to face reality and create stories out of one!

Seeing them listening anxiously made me flinch over the thought of silently passing ages, I was now eighty nine years old. Soon I would turn ninety in two weeks. Closer and closer I was getting to my sunset, the finishing line. Yet I could remember clearly how I celebrated my sweet eighteen; young blood, beaming with beauty and joy, I had just joined Harvard University where I took Bachelor in Business and Information Technology. That’s when I met my life time Romeo, Sylvester. As I continued to tell them the ups and downs of our love life, I kept thinking of every word and experience narrated with nostalgia. Just like the princess and prince ‘once upon a time stories’ our story had a happy ending too. Those beautiful children sitting at the comfort of my old grey comfy mat were part of my happy ending. They clapped their little cute hands with happy wide grins plastered on their faces as I completed my story with the same old grand phrase I loved, “Don’t we all love happy endings?’’.

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