Once Upon A Time (Sincere)

Once upon a time, we had culture. We had our heritage. We had life. We had morals and discipline and we even had taboos. We were born and bred in families that believed and trusted the natural process of life. We had ties that didn’t necessarily have to be blood related and we had unity and oneness and joy that knew no bounds because then, we understood that we had the power to create wonder. Don’t get me wrong, I would hate to insinuate that we no longer  have these things; we do but do we have them with the same intensity we did way back when we learned through apprenticeship and the roles of everyone in society were clearly defined? You see, civilization is a beautiful thing. How thrilling it is to dress beautifully and move by using magical vessels that we were taught to call cars. Oh, and technology? God! the technology. Ever so thrilling and dynamic and the most exciting part is how happy it all makes us, from being able to fly like the birds to moving as fast as electricity. These happening things make life not only so much simpler but also quite exhilarating but to what extent? Not to mention the classes that we try to rebuke yet so badly want to belong in them. Full of double standards aren’t we?

We got the phones that has brought people millions of miles away close by simply being a dial away but these has torn family ties for we no longer have the decency to hold and sustain conversations unless we’re looking at a screen. Please, forgive me if I may be a little pessimistic but what exactly has this civilization brought us? New food, new diseases, new trends, new cases and of course my point of view is and will always be arguable but I know for a fact, I would rather still run around butt naked and be able to do the million things I was meant to do by societal norms even before we knew the earth was spherical than live in an age and era full of depression and striving to all look the same or where everyone cares a little more about likes and comments than imagination and logic as contrasting as they may be.

Here is Barongo’s Article

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