Once Upon A Time (Barongo)


I place flowered gazes and fond remembrances upon decaying words and pray and pray endlessly at the place where heartbeats used to echo and the scent of love lingered, a once blooming garden now turned graveyard. I find it so hard to move on. Perhaps I let the shadows of my past darken the doorsteps to my future. I find it quite hard, to forgive and forget, maybe once in a while, maybe… but I’m perpetually reminded by the memories that cling tightly and the questions that garner vague answers or none at all. All these just hanging around in shadows waiting to torment and scrutinize me.


The aching memory of how cruel hands snapped the only thread that held to their dear life and took away, took away my loved ones still lingers. We stayed in a place I used to call home. Its hallways were decked with sound of laughter, giggles and smiles and the scent of love while the nook and crannies kept secrets of kisses and tears offered in somber times. This place was once home, once… but people are there then they leave, they come and go. The place I used to call home is no longer what it used to be. Hallways are now lingered with hovering ghosts which ill motives. The place that birthed parts of my life and I now sips away my sanity slowly trampling it in stampedes of thoughts and memories I have sworn never to ease.

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