Once Upon A Time (Derrick)

Once upon a time, in my country; freedom fighters shed blood for the sake of it’s liberation. Those who took over the stool were expected to take the country to the next level, instead they failed her and turned the country into a hellhole. It seams no one cares, all they think about is fattening themselves and there families; instead of discussing on how to make our country a paradise it should be, all they talk about is ways to increase “small salary” at the expense of the poor citizens. At a point they turned the parliament into a fighting chamber. It’s unfortunate that most of the Kenyans are blind and that they don’t see what’s happening right in front of their faces. To some extend, Kenyans are to blame. Despite how oppressed they are, they keep on putting up with the same leaders. They really don’t value the quality of a leader but the quantity of they do carry.

But there’s still light at the end of a tunnel. Not all is gone, but still nothing is served on an empty silver platter. They are gonna take a sacrifice. Kenyans have to be wise during election and elect leaders not in value of the quantity of their wealth but their leadership qualities in them. They’ll have to cast their votes to bright future “good leaders” and not the same leaders they keep on electing after every five years. Like it’s said, we can’t just back down without putting up a fight.

Here is Kelvin’s Art, Dennis’s Art

One thought on “Once Upon A Time (Derrick)

  1. Your stories are straight to the point. I’m eager to know how you achieve write so perfect and to point. The politicians hurt our community and we do nothing to them because they think that they are the ones with the upper hand. Well written.


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