Once Upon A Time (Clien Favour)

Once upon a time when the world was green,
When the skies were never toxic,
Rains were fresh they were never acidic,
The world was a little paradise People had a high esteem 
Every place was filled with a natural theme
Good life, natural life full of love
Smiles were ever on people’s faces
When a lot of positive things were liabilities, such as dignity
When virginity was not lack of opportunity
This was indeed a golden time;
Since our fathers respected our little and beloved sisters
They couldn’t drink with their kids
Indeed, respect was paramount and that was once upon a time…

Recently I don’t even want to imagine
How the world is, how we are driving it 
Yet we don’t know where we are heading to
We are lost, we are blind,
See nowadays when one talks of a girl child we get a bad image
And the same to the boy child…
The sky is toxic, and we are getting diseases that we can’t even cure
We have lost things and ways that are pure
We are making tours Just to see great, amazing, pretty and gentle things
That our grandparents treasured
Our culture is amazing! I know we are able to restore the unity,
That was always there, I do feel am a king and for once,
Am going to stand upon these issues that are killing our world at this time
Let’s join hands and make it like Once upon a time.

Here is Lauren‘s Article, Finnared‘s Article

We are going to look at the Calendar update and other trending issues in Madva on Monday.

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