Old Days of Love (Niccur)

I wonder how people loved in olden time! How many heartbreaks they must have all been through? Maybe none: So I visualize  this old fashioned love story and paint a view. Probably like the one our grandparents had. They take wedding vows and  say, I’ll love you every single day of my life, will live with you and cherish you till death do us apart and mean everything they say till the very end.  They have built a sweet home,  It’s a place where love resides.  Ego, fights and jealousy has no room. Sipping wine and Cooking meals  together, writing letters on occasions while listening to the radio.  Dancing and singing songs for each other is what they do to celebrate life.  

It’s about how they make each other feel important and loved always.  They share a love that seeps through their veins. A love that grows with time and is innocent like a child. The love that’s worth all the rough times and the fights.  The kind of love that didn’t fade despite of the distance or the times they lived apart.  All this was possible because they lived in those days,  where technology was merely a luxury, not a necessity or dependency.  Probably that’s why their relationships were valued.  Earlier it was about  adjustments  options were not something they were to seek as people were ordinary back then.   One thing was certain,  love and acceptance which helped them build a strong connection.  The love that didn’t fall apart because of looks or any type of flaw. They were selfless, with a kind heart and caring souls  who would do everything to make things better and when things got rough, their love got stronger.

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Artricle, Kelvin’s Art

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