Ochenge (Franko)

Long time ago when the rivers used to climb the mountain, when the ostrich flied and when cows would feed on flesh, there came a girl known as Ochenge.

Ochenge never knew the meaning of giving up. She would strive and fight till the end. She was little in body but smart in brain. She was always used as a perfect example to explain beauty. And that made her the best princess Erongo had ever had.

It was one afternoon that the kingdom of Erongo was attacked by raiders. They took away their cattle and also kidnapped their beautiful women and Ochenge was not left behind. It was this time that their men were used for forced labor and old women raped and killed.

Ochenge and group of young ladies were kept in custody in the middle of a forest. Seeing on how her people suffered Ochenge prayed to God. She prayed for her people to be rescued. She prayed and prayed and prayed. God heard her and He instructed her to weasel.

Immediately she weaseled a herd of elephants came from the forest and attacked the raiders. On seeing elephants helping them fight the people of Erongo gained courage and joined the fight.

It was one of the greatest fights and Ochenge despite being a lady was at the fore front. In the process Ochenge was shot by an arrow. Though in pain and bleeding she still fought for the sake of her kingdom.

By the end the people of Erongo won but they were sad as Ochenge was badly injured. Before her last breath she told her people never to give up. If they do the rivers will also give up climbing the river, the Ostrich will stop flying and the cows will stop eating flesh.

During her burial she was named ng’ina enchogu meaning the mother of elephants. Thousands years later Ochenge was reborn. And that’s me. You said it ,you reading this story. You are the new Ochenge.

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