Not Safe Anymore (Sam Sly)

The world isn’t a haven anymore,
It’s not safe as the days of before,
At least the fuzz has made sure of that.


Youths are on the verge of extinction,
They are maimed, tortured, and killed,
By the very hands of the law,
That’s supposed to protect them.


We are all secured by insecurity,
What a life!
Police are everywhere,
Yet nowhere is safe,
Certainly not on their reach.

The authority taking an early lead,
On eradicating the future of hereafter,
Innocent youngsters are caught in between sides,
Where there is no right or wrong,
Just a projectile on the head,
As they struggle to make a life for themselves.


Parents all over the nation are wailing,
Crying for the survival of their children,
Sadly, their cries fall to deaf ears,
As a pertinent community cares not.

Did the arm of justice change its course?
Is it’s hand too tired to pick a fight?
Or is it too short to reach the right people?
Maybe it needs an offering to lend a hand.

This is Sam Sly’s, Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
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