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Niccur joined Madva on January 2019. He, together with Shatta started a new era in the Madva as they competed for the Madva writers badge. Niccur wrote his New Year article as it was also to Shatta and they were listed in a competition that happened on the first weekend of January. Niccur’s esaay New Yaear; A Niccur story won the competition and he took home the title of the writers on 6th January 2019. Though Shatta lost to Niccur he was able to get noticed in the Madva competitions. His essay, New Year; A Shatta Story was able to rise to fame.


Niccur was able to defend his title against Sammy on 1st February 2019 by defaeting Sammy in a big margin. He proved how competitive he was and how ready he was to protect his Title.

On 17th February 2019 Niccur was able to compete against Sammy and Donnel for the Writers Title. Sammy lost hope at the middle of the competitions and quit. Donnel held Niccur up to the last minute where he lost to him. Niccur successfully defended his title and was able to carry it to the main event of that month; Romantic Main Event that was to happen on 1st March 2019.


The main event in Madva happened in a great way. Niccur on 2nd March 2018, defeated Derrick to be able to defend his title again. Niccur grew to be stronger as Derrick watched hi break his own record. He came to be known as the Madva writers champion with a sense of skill and pride. Derrick lost but hoped to make a change ones he meets him again.
Symo got a chance to compete for the Writer’s title on 6th April and he lost weakly to Niccur. Niccur defended his title majestically standing tall with votes less than five hundred.

On 4th May 2019, Niccur competed against Derrick and Donnel for the Writers title. Donnel managed to top them in a vote per device competition and he retained his title. Making him go on being a champion for four consecutive months. On 1st June 2019; Niccur, Clien Favour and Finnared competed for the Writers Title. Finnared was not able to pick on the pace as it was set and she looked on as Clien Favour managed to defeat Niccur. Niccur got dethroned and Clien Favour became Madva’s first poet to win the writer’s title. Gitau had his first competition against the former Madva title holder Niccur on 15th June 2019. Niccur defeated him as he made a come back for the title he had lost to Clien Favour. Gitau and Niccur qualifies for the title competition because the third competitor who was supposed to bring a creative battle (Lauren) decided to withdraw from the competitions.


On 6th June 2019, Clien Favour defended his title successfully against Niccur; the former Writer’s title holder, Gitau and Finnared. Kelvin competed in a Madva title qualification against Niccur and Symo on 27th July 2019. He managed to win. Niccur and Kelvin qualified for the Commoner’s title competition.

On 10th August 2019 Madva had a revolutionized it’s voting system. Bard was able to compete against Niccur and Kelvin for the Madva Commoners title. Bard defended his title successfully as Niccur flopped and Kelvin’s reputation stored to it’s heights. On 7th September 2019, Niccur and Yvenne competed in Madva Elimination competition where Yvenne, a new comer artist defeated him to proceed to the next stage of Madva Elimination Competition. Finnared, Niccur and Bonnie competed in Madva during the Broken event competition. Finnared managed to write a very influential poem on 5th October 2019 that made her win a chance for a title run in Madva competitions.


Franko entered Madva competitions on 19th October 2019 where he met Niccur for a chance to qualify for the Writers title. He never managed to defeat Niccur but managed to give a fair fight as he had supporters of his caliber. On 2nd November 2019, during the Madva’s Grand competition week; Bard Mwendwa was able to compete and defeat Niccur to defend his title. Bard Mwendwa was to defend his title at the Grand competition at the end of the month of November 2019. On 23rd November 2019 during the Madva Grand Competition, Swinnertone successfully defended his writers title against Niccur and Symo.

On 11th January 2020, Bard Mwendwa faced Swinnertone and Niccur for the Madva Poets title. Bard Mwendwa was able to defeat both competitors to become Madva’s first ever Poet title holder. Swinnertone was not able to win though he had equaled votes against Bard Mwendwa. This is because Bard Mwendwa had many views compared to Swinnertone’s by the time the competition was over. On 8th February 2020, Bard Mwendwa competed against Richard and Niccur for the Poets Title. He managed top defeat them and successfully defend his title. On 7th MMarch 2020, Bard Mwendwa, Phinick and Niccur competed for the Madva title and Bard Mwendwa was able to defeat them and retain his poets title at Madva.


On 2nd May 2020, Lucky successfully defended his poet’s title against Niccur and Swinnertone. On 23rd May 2020 Grace competed against Phinick and Niccur where she managed to defeat them and get a first win in her competitions. On 5th September 2020, Grace and Niccur contested for the Madva Elimination 2020. Gracie managed to win and move on to the next phase. On 3rd October 2020 Bard competed against Lucky and Niccur. He managed to defeat them to regain the Poets title. On 24th October 2020, Felix won a contest against Niccur and Gracie. Bard Mwendwa managed to win back the Madva poets title against Niccur and Lucky on 8th May 2021.

On 4th September 2021, Nature Raul managed to defeat Niccur to move on to the next Bracket on the Madva Elimination Contest 2021.

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