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Newton had a debut at Madva on 6th February 2021 as a Poet. Bard Mwendwa managed to defeat Newton and Lucky for the Madva Poets title. On 20th March 2021, on Newton’s second attempt on Madva titles, he managed to defeat Sam Sly and Gracie for the Madva Writers title. On 3rd April 2021,Dan Arts won the, Madva title against Bard Mwendwa and Newton. On 17th April 2021, Newtone won the Madva Writers title against Richy and Sam Sly. On 1st May 2021, Dan Arts competed against Newton and Lucky and managed to retain the Madva title. 15th May, Sam Sly won back the Madva writers title against Newton and Richy. On 29th May 2021, Newton won the Madva title against Sam Sly and Dan Arts.


On 26th June 2021, Dan Arts won the Madva title back against Newton and Samysam.


Newton joined Madva in February 2021. He since then has written short stories and poems for Madva readers. His stories and poems have got a positive response from the Madva community and he is always ready to create interesting content.


When asked about his success, he always says that he attributes it towards the founder of Madva and his effort of creating a platform where he can express her inner thoughts for people to read.

His content is available exclusively on our website. Enter the link provided and scroll down to where his name is. The short stories are arranged alphabetically.


Read also other Notables short stories and if you love what we create, we will be happy for you to leave a comment.

We also hold contests for artists and poets. Artists draw arts and compete for the Madva artists title whereas the poets write poems.

We hold our Major title the Madva title exclusively on our website. The title is contested by both writers, poets, and artists. The contests happen during the weekend.

We are glad that you are a member of our voting team. We appreciate your participation here at Madva.


On 7th August 2021, Sam sly competed against Doro and Newton. He managed to win the Madva Writer. On 4th September, Lucky managed to defeat Newton to move on tot the next Bracket of the Madva Elimination Contest 2021. Newton won the Madva Writers title on 9th October 2021 against Richy and Doro. On 23rd October 2021 Bard Mwendwa competed against Dan Arts and Newton for the Madva title which he won.


On 13th November Newton defeated Doro and Nature Raul for the Madva Writers title.

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