Nature Raul History

On 10th July 2021, Nature Raul debuted on Madva as a Writer. He managed to win his first Madva Writers title against Doro and Samysam. On 24th July 2021, Dan Arts retained the Madva title against Richy and Nature Raul. On 31st July 2021, Nature Raul won his first Madva poets title against Lucky and Borner Bes. On 28th August 2021 Dan Arts managed to defend his Madva title against Manuh and Nature Raul.


On 4th September 2021, Nature Raul managed to defeat Niccur to move on to the next Bracket on the Madva Elimination Contest 2021. On 11th September 2021, Bard Mwendwa defeated Nature Raul to move on to the next Bracket of the Madva Elimination contest 2021. On 2nd October 2021, Bard Mwendwa competed against Lucky and Nature Raul for the Madva Poets title and won. On 13th November Newton defeated Doro and Nature Raul for the Madva Writers title.

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