Naked (Gracie)

Let me see, see your faults,
Faults concealed in secure vaults,
Vaults hidden behind erected walls,
Walls that conceal the painful wales,
Wales lost along the cold, cold breeze,
Breeze that drench an eerie unease.

Let me see, see the pain,
Pain that dents purity, and stain,
Stain that dries and leaves in scars,
Scars etched in flesh closed by bones,
Bones that give an illusion of strength,
Strength that never fully deploy.

Let me see, see the imperfections,
Imperfections that make up defections,
Defections that De-colors the young soul,
Soul that makes the beating heart cringe,
Cringe into a darker spiteful shade,
Shade that fails to always protect.

This is Gracie’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
MIC The Student’s Poem

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