Myths Were Created; Revolution (Niccur)

The world we live in as homo sapiens has to take a turn on every creature living whereby there would be no lights. The whole planet to be on total darkness one night then the following day all the energy and electricity seize to exist. The electricity which is the most basic raw material and the most un-postponed humor that is used and furthermore is like an idol worshiped by many came to an end! What about all the activities run by the powers of electricity came to cease. All the people who are making an earning from its existence in the urban towns will have to go back to the rural set up.

All factories be on a shutdown, the hospitalized will have to die, projects on building activities will have to stop and no sense came to the living. The worst of all to ever be on existence is where there would be no communication at all and people would have a stand still-long time separation. The cars on the streets won’t be on movement and all has to come to the previous life, which we were in before the foretold creation nature stories of Adam and Eve. The earth to be on total darkness; when the night takes over and it would not be safe as every creature for itself so as to be surviving waiting for one day things to come back as they were.

Here is Gitau’s Article

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