Mythical Story (Sam Sly)

Barshi was a very beautiful lady,who lived in the northern woodlands of the Shakiv village. Her beauty was captivating and all men in the village always tailed her wherever she went just to watch her beauty and also get to chitchat with her. She had her own principles, she never fell into traps which men laid to her. One funny thing about her is, she lived in an isolated room deep inside the forest. She only came out to catch the morning sunny breeze and also when getting some food stuffs for her. Many people wondered why she was living in the forest which had all types of fierce wild animals by herself.

Her only motive was to protect the wild animals and the indigenous plants from extinction. The village people had planned to expand their village territories by clearing the first and hunting down the wild animals. The little poor lady tried her best not to let the villagers clear the forest and kill the poor creatures but her cry fell on deaf ears. She went back to her house still not knowing what to do. One night,as she was dead asleep,some tremors started. She quickly woke up,in fearvtgat the villagers were after her life. When she opened the door, a strange male being was standing at a distance from the house. The chubby moon was dazzling and spreading it’s light everywhere. The creature had beards made of living grass and vines,pale white skin and glowing dark green eyes.

As she stood as if she had been rooted to the door frame,the strange being roared its name ‘Leshy,the god of the forests’. It then told the lady it’s motive and they decided to join forces to to protect their habitat. Though leshies are know for their negative attitude towards humans,this time it was different. Their habitat comes first. On the following day,she went to get some groceries when she overheard some villagers talking about invading the forest at night. She rushed and told leshy,who had already changed into a human die to it’s supernatural powers,about the invasion. Leshy got furious and his true form came back again. Barshi cooled him down and told him to wait for them till the evening. That very evening when the vilaggers were trying to cut down the trees,raging fires started just where the vilaggers had started. The fire roared angrily to scare away the villagers. To their amazement,Barshi appeared from the fire,with her,a magic wand,a crown and sparkling white Rob. She then used her magic wand to summon leshy to come,Leshy came out roaring with it’s eyes glowing due to anger. It was furious and wanted to get rid of the villagers once and for all but Barshi pleaded to spare them just for once. Leshy warmed the villagers of doing anything to provoke him again. The creature them disappeared. Barshi was left dancing in the fire for she had someone on her side to protect the forest,which she called her home

From that day,Barshi and Leshy lived together,with leshy shapeshifting into human form for barshie’s happiness. The villagers had no other option than marking their territories and staying by it leaving Barshi with the strange being together

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