My Thoughts (Velly)

I learned a long time ago that we are not succumbing to time, but to our own bodies giving upon us. I have had many thoughts about God. Sometimes I wonder if there are homeless souls on the outskirts of heaven, just like there are people on earth. I guess that’s what hell is, but I think there are things worse than that.

I think some of us are our own haunting, like an old house with the recollection of its occupants. Some days I take exhaustingly deep breaths, I dare my body to suffocate on the abundance of life but instead, it coughs up resistance as if we are at war with each other. And I’m certain we’ve been lied to about many things. We own nothing: not this world, not this body, not this life.

God knew us before we were born, not because we were with him but because we are coming unto him. And none of us are special because we tell it to ourselves. I learned a long time ago that death is nothing personal to God and we go just as we came.

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