My Regret Letter (Niccur)

The day that I was born must have been cursed
There must had been a heavy rain Falling down to the ground 
To tell how hard my life would be There must was lightning and thunder 
That scared everyone too death To show how cruel I would be 
The day that I was born must have been insane

Why was I born back then?
I want to know at least one reason 
To be store of pain,
crucify to others There must had been a snow fall Covering the ground,
freezing the fire To show the coldness inside me

How I am now terrified to see my past 
I was a monster friend of a beast 
It really is too late to realize this 
Now that I am alone on ma throne 
How come good things will happen 
When I can’t be with you again 
All I can do is going insane

How come I sleep all night long? 
When I know you are not in my bed 
How come I ate with such appetite?
When I know there is an empty chair 
How come I wish to stay here? 
When I know that you will not hold me 
It’s so scary to be here being all alone 

How come I cry all I want? 
When I know you will not wipe my tear 
How come I talk about how I feel?
When I know you don’t want to hear from me 
How come I want to dance in the floor? 
When I know you are not coming to the party 
This is my regret letter that I can’t read for you 
It’s only goes for me.

Here is Swinnertone’s Article, Symo’s Article

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