My Pillow (Newton)

I love you is an already faded dream. When you left, you said it; but you never came back. My pillow was there when we were together, and now it’s still here for me.


We held each other when I felt so lonely when I had nobody. It takes all my tears when I cry. We have fights and big wars with it, but we never leave one another.

The sorry phrases I said before are already enough to convince you back to me, but you don’t care. Do not judge a book by its cover is a phrase that I now realize the truth in its meaning. I over-trusted you, and you chose to leave.


My best friend is me, and if it’s not me, then it is my pillow. It holds my head when I am depressed and when I don’t understand my feeling right.

We only search for help if there is one; I am dying inside. I find it hard to move on. I wish that one day my love for you will fade away. I will forget all that we had together. Am sorry, I love my pillow.

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