My First Valentine (Xavier)

Everyone keeps talking of valentine as a day to go out with a girl and have fun. It’s a day people; for you to hang out with a girl who is special to you, a best friend or even to most is to better their half. My first valentine was quite unexpected, everything backfired out and plan B kicked in watching movies all day and playing games until my better half called to tell me she’s done at work. I never planned the day but I enjoyed getting to spend the day with my better half for I ended up knowing her better and connect with her.


We had fun, danced, shared gifts and learned to connect with each other and later enjoyed the afternoon with our friends.I enjoyed my first valentine, for Valentine’s day is a day where two people get to understand each other to the fullest, that no matter both your flaws you both have to learn to communicate your feelings and never hide before you end up regretting

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