My First Valentine (Nidah)

It was as soon as I joined campus that I came around a new world. I was overwhelmed with the emotions of finding a new lady in my life; you know campus life. Though I was not into relationships, this time I would have never despaired to become the king in the jungle. I felt like fire in my bones, I did not hesitate to approach one of the finest ladies and the rest is history. So as fine as I was I found my fine China. Since it was the month of love I took the decision that this time I will take this lovely lady out. Your guy here didn’t know where to start from since in High school valentine was time to party and get fly or like wiz, get ‘high’.

14th February, is a time where Love is in the air; so they say and as a boy you have to dress to kill, you know the dab. I didn’t hesitate to put on my expensive cologne, don’t mention the fragrance trail. So my man adviced me to cash out my investments, cause I needed cash really bad. On the date; the girl arrived on dem jeans, I took the honors and invited her to the exotic dinner, I dropped my ‘mistaris’ in the air, not giving her a moment to breathe. I’m that guy, all is well when I’m around. We took a picnic at the nearby mall, spit money like s**t on her. Next it was the theatre, we watched movies, we played games, we kissed, laughed and enjoyed cause the night was still young, however what I can really say money is deceiving like H-Art the band sang ‘uliza kiatu’. That lady took me hostage just to get away with fifty
bucks that I had graced that occasion with that day. All I can say once bitten twice shy. Nowadays I take campus life easy, I be the coach. Coaches don’t play.

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