Mother (Borner Bes)

Mother is the sweetest word on the lips of man,
My mother is my role model.
She is the best of all kinds.
She is my first teacher.
She has taught me everything;


So I can be powerful like her.
She inspires and motivates me to grow without any barriers.
She does everything right,
And that makes her blossom and shine so bright.
She has looked after me and supported me in my life.
She is like a shadow to me because she’s always by my side.


When I look at my mother,
I see an ordinary person,
but when I think of what she does and how she does it,
She becomes divine and the reason for my smile.
She is like a torch of light that inspires and guides me in the darkness.
She carries all my happiness.


My life had been in riddles with hurdles and difficulties,
but she managed to cross them all.
My mother is the strongest woman that I have ever seen.
I respect her a lot;
she is my inspiration,
my role Model

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