Matters of the Heart (Velly)

Love. I have no idea where to begin when it comes to defining this term. I would however term it as just another gamble but unlike other games, here what you put to the table is very precious. Your heart. Personally I have gambled, not once, not twice and definitely not thrice. On every instance however I have lost my bet. I presume I’m just a terrible player. 

There is always a scientific explanation for most things and for love they call it chemistry. They (the scientists ) go ahead to say that the brain adapts a habit in a matter of 21 days. If this is the case then finding someone to love must be easy and in case it does not work out, I would need the same number of days to ‘get over it’.

I am either a hopeless romantic or plain silly because I crave a different kind of love. I want a selfless and unconditional love. I desire for someone to be mesmerized by staring at me, to be enchanted by my whole existence, to be terrified of losing me. I would not describe myself as a difficult person at least not on most days but I would do just as much for someone if they took a chance for me. I play my cards right and it would be nice to have a win for a change.

Here is Franko’s Article, Derrick’s Article 

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