Manuh Profile Bio

Manuh had a debut in Madva contests on 14th August 2021. He managed to win his first Madva Artists title against Berry Brenda and Felix. On 28th August 2021 Dan Arts managed to defend his Madva title against Manuh and Nature Raul.


On 4th September 2021, Manuh defeated MIC The Life Student to move on to the next Bracket of the Madva Elimination Contest 2021. On 11th September 2021 Manuh defeated Lucky to move on to the next bracket of the Madva Elimination contest 2021. On 18th September 2021, Manuh managed to move to the next bracket against Sam Sly in the Madva Elimination contest 2021.


Dan Arts managed to defeat Manuh on 25th September 2021 for the Madva title at the finals of the Madva. On 20th November 2021 Manuh defeated Dan Arts and Felix for the Madva Arts title.

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