Main Event; Once Upon A Time (Clien Favour)

Once upon a time, when perfection wasn’t the main theme of life
when people liked being natural,
when everybody had ambitions, visions 
And yawning to see great real life in future
A time when beings accepted who they really are,
Fakeness was never a tren,
Environments were really attractive, Life always favoured every living thing 
Such as plants and every animal

Once upon a time,

But now, Its never the same anymore
People want to get to the gym, Just to loose weight
Many are changing diets, to make there figures look like they dream of
Individuals are applying makeups because they want to look good 
Photos and videos must be edited to be posted
All in the name of perfection,
and that we have social media Followers, likes, comments control us
They make us think that we are loved
We are not making us to judge ourselves
I sometimes yawn of living the kind, Cool life we read in books
The ancient life I mean once upon a time;
If I could alternate I could wish to live in that past life because it seems real to me But at the moment I’m going to try and change this one;
Am going to be the all tribe person,
To restore peace and unity, 
To live in a life like Once upon a time.

Here is Niccur’s Article, Finnared’s Article

Starting next week

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