Madva Notables Guide

It’s normal waking up in the morning and heading to work, either at an office or the Jua Kali industry.


You make sure that you do your job, get more clients, get paid, and head home to take care of your responsibilities.

At Madva, things are the same.


Madva has made a platform for the Notables to experience the joy of their talent. At Madva, Notables submit their content and immediately start earning from them.

The content is created by Notables and posted on the Madva website. Then the links to the content must be read by readers for it to stream in earnings. That way, it’s counted on our website, and Madva gets paid by promoters through the reads.


In short, one must view content posted at Madva for it to earn. So, the larger the traffic the content has, the more payment it gets.

That’s why we requested you, our Notable, to register an account at our website. To easily track the content that has more traffic at Madva.


We pay Notables whose content got more reads, besides the weekly contests.

Start at any time of your comfort in driving readers to your content by following this library and finding the content link that you will share with your readers.

Make it your part-time or full-time job. Madva is here for us Writers, Poets, and Artists.

Get into the link below, find your content links and make people read them. Madva itself is sharing all Notables links on most social platforms to find readers.

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