• What is Madva?
    Madva is a readers website that creates content for reading and voting. Our creative Poets, Writers and Artists compete in our platform to showcase their creative ideas as they let readers and bookworms freely vote and read articles, arts and poems they admire more.
  • MADVA OFFICIAL LOGOWho is Ondicho Richard he founded Madva.
  • What is Madva website all about?
    This readers website is all about promoting talented creative writers, poets and artists in portraying their talents and earning from what they love doing most; writing and drawing.
  • Why join Madva Website?
    Joining Madva Website provides you a type of entertainment of it’s own. You become a member of elite talented artists, creators and readers. A family that is expanding day in day out.
  • Who are Madva Notables?
    Madva Notables are those competitors/Contestants who create content for reading during and after live competitions on our Madva website.
  • How to join Madva Competitions as a Notable.
    WhatsApp +254700591683 or
    >Send an email stating your reasons to why you want to join our Notables.
    >Starting from their, our officials will guard you through the process.
  • How do one earn from Madva?
    It’s simple, like any other job, one delivers an article gets paid and also if they do win a contest they get more tokens to the amount paid.
  • How much does a competitor at Madva earn?
    For security reasons, we do discuss our Notables fee with our Notables team only. Sharing of their salary slip is under their own choices.
  • Which types of competitions are done at Madva?
    Currently we do have four titles namely:-
    The Madva Title
    >The Poets title
    >The Writers Title
    >The Artists Title
  • Is one eligible to compete in whole competitions at Madva?
    No, One is only eligible to compete on two titles but not at a go. The Madva title which has a contest for all Notables from all creative categories and the other titles meant for Poets, Writers and Artists as the names suggests.
  • How will I win in the competitions?
    If you are already a booked Notable and you need to know how to win then it’s easy. Readers at Madva will find your content explore on it and if they like it they will vote for you. If you need fast votes then it’s better to convince readers online to vote for your creative idea. It’s legal and it works.
  • Can one earn a living writing and drawing at Madva?
    Yes, it’s our goal to make sure that Madva website has provided a living for creative writers and artists world wide. We have to move step by step to provide a living to our community. That’s why we are working day in day out to reach more and more readers worldwide.

For more answers on your questions write to Madva Team through this email address or or send a WhatsApp message through +254700591683

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