Madva Elimination 2020 Contest Rules

  1. There are four Rounds on each Madva Elimination contest
  2. Each round will be happening each week.
  3. Half of the competing Notables will be disqualified by the reader after every round.
  4. 16 Notables qualify for the contest.
  5. Two Notables will meet each other and one will progress to the next phase.
  6. 8 Notables will choose a Notable they will be contesting against
  7. All poets, Writers and Artists in Madva qualify to compete
  8. The contest will be decided by the reader on who’s script is better than the other.
  9. All Notables will be awarded a normal Madva fee for every progress in the contest
  10. There will be no winning fee for every progress except for the final contest
  11. The final contest fee is announced at our WhatsApp web page.
  12. Any questions regarding the rules should directly be asked to the Chairman Madva.
  13. Madva has all say on any changes and progress of all Madva Contests.
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