Madva Awards 2019

Sincere is the Overal Notable of the year 2019. She was able to pull the strings of her readers in Madva by bringing in all the best she could.

Niccur was the writer of the year 2019. He won and defended most of his titles and he became a Notable with most titles.

An Artist of the year, who made his art speak for itself the year 2019 is Yvenne. He won the Madva Elimination event and was at the top of his most competitions.

The most Social Notable the year 2019 goes to Bard Mwendwa, he grew his Facebook group network and had a great impact after his arrival at Madva.

Inspirational Article of 2019 goes to Sincere, she wrote articles that made the Madva readers discuss issues that arose.

Kelvine had a great impact in the growth of Madva the year 2019. His arts are true inspiration. He gets to be acknowledged as the Madva Inspirational Artist of the year 2019.

Our first Award for the 2019 competitions will go to the Artists. We are awarding the most Inspirational artist of 2019.

Hello, readers. Welcome to the Madva Awards 2019. We are hosting this event online today because we had no other simple way to do it. Our goal at Madva will always remain, writing and drawing creative articles for the people who love reading them

We are hosting the Madva Awards 2019 on 14th March 2020, Saturday. All details are live so browse back to our page for more details. The winners of this Awards will be announced on Saturday, live; as the weekly competitions commence.

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