Love is Never Blind (Franko)

Now that Valentine is over let me reflect on it.

First during valentine most people think of their boyfriends and girlfriends. Most girls think of how they will receive rather than giving. Boys have high budgets on how to make their girls happy, of which some girls don’t appreciate, forgetting to share some little love with street children who will appreciate.

Actually am not against taking lovers to Valentine, its really a sign of romance. What am against is making valentine a basic need. What is the value of going to valentine and sleep hungry the next day. Why should you force to be bought an expensive flower with someone who can’t afford onion. This is not a sign of romance but foolishness.

Never date someone you can’t marry. Never tell someone you love him/her and you don’t. Never love someone when you not patient. Don’t harvest where you didn’t toil. Its more romantic if you eat where you both worked for.

My brother and sister love is never blind. Love will never block your eyes to see the best person in your life. And there is never loving 80% its either you love or not.

Here is Swinnertone’s Poem, Felix’s Art

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