Love Gone Sour (Niccur)

It was a month that was so proclaimed to be a love month even though its just going to be buried when some people haven’t got their soulmates. Though its a good idea for some to have an abstaining mode every time locked to the fullest. Some chiqs have to maintain a good image to the society with a mode of chilling up even though they have got their own soul matches. Some Niccur’s also have gotten the good fact of abstaining from the premarital sex since the pressure from their counterparts for a long and lasting relationship.


Even though the abstaining their is always some negative peer pressure from either both sides on the way to satisfy their sexual pleasures ending up to a wrong path. It may lead to a break up,sexually transmitted diseases,dropping out from schools or pregnancy which is always a wrong turn to the general society out view. This is always that point where love goes sour from the good outlook of being sweet to a bitter tasting. Even though how sweet it is the safetiness must be maintained for a better tomorrow. The kinda attitude some have like they have swallowed love portions should be lowered into being humble so the sweetness can be maintained from the sour taste it might collapse onto.

Here is Derrick’s article


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