Love Gone Sour (Derrick)

Changing ways like we got no love,
Hating moments till we got ourselves deprived,
I had to incur, so that we could occur,
I got myself labelled up,
So that we could maneuver,
But over and over, you never got me over,
I had been your minder,
Always pulling you out of blander,
I had to cast your trust,
So that i could last.


Love you clamoured,
Yet you never honoured,
Love you adored,
Yet you never offered,
I did trust, love and hope,
And you got me dwindled
“Duty free” i call you
Always on board like a dummy,
You made me forsake our future,
One full of despair, pain and suffering.

Life is an utter perfection,
Define by your action.
Life is a journey indeed
Thanks for violating me with your kisses,
That left me into pieces,
It’s time am sorry,
When will you be sorry.

Here is Niccur’s article


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