Love At First Sight (Derrick)

Never thought this would ever happen. Laughed Jane as she said these words. Jane had promised herself, if not; swore that she would never fall in love. Romance was never her thing leave alone her portion. She believed that  love was a cock and bull story cooked by the so called lovers of wisdom who purported to live in the world of fantasies.

Everything changed when Jane went for a funeral to see off one of her Classmate

She saw one guy who went by the name Austine. She felt something in her body if not her heart. She couldn’t stop looking at him and having that enthusiasm to know him. She begged that Austine would  notice her and at least say hi. Unfortunately he did not. She knew what to do; she got herself together and gathered enough courage and approached Austine.  Surprisingly Austine too had liked her but did not approach her because he always had thoughts that most beautiful girls if not taken were already in a strong relationship. He was glad that a girl of his dreams had come to his life and that’s how Jane ended up falling in love at first sight.

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