Love Ain’t For the Poor (Felix)

The Review:

Whats’s in the view is a forest at a far distance. The forest is full of trees called spruce. A torn heart stitched, and bleeding is also visible on your left hand below the spruce trees.

A hand bleeding is holding roses. A hand stretches from a mirror just below the forest too. An eye in a cracked mirror and hands stretching out from the forest are also visible.

A face of a mysterious woman shouts angrily in between the whole drawn art. Her eyes are looking upwards as the mystery woman shrieks.

The expression in this art is so deep. The issues displayed in this art can be; holding up on a relationship even if it hurts so much simply because someone loves the other person deeply.

The pain viewed in the art through the image drawn of the mystery woman shows out that she is shouting loud from a deeper place in her life. A place in her life that is a forest full of spruce trees.

The pain is unbearable. If you look keenly at the art drawn, one thing keeps her still in the relationship though she wants to get away and run as far as she could.

She tries to crawl out of the forest, but the eye hands her a rose flower. The hand bleeding shows the pain that the mysterious woman is going through in her life.

Though through all the violence she gets in her love life, she seems to still cling to the life she has. Making her heart get torn and stitched again and again without healing.

The person in her life abuses her and breaks her always. It’s seen through the broken mirror, making her cry and shout angrily. She looks up to the sky and praying for a hero to come and rescue her.

The art revolves around gender discrimination, domestic violence, and child marriage violence. The artist Felix drew the art for Madva contests.

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