Long Ago (Velly)

Long time ago, before gods ruled the earth, human beings had two heads and four legs. Humans were very powerful, they were created half male and half female and the gods were truly scared of them. The female side was very feminine and with long hair while the male side had a very muscular physique. Humans were extremely smart hence the gods were unable to control them.

One day, the gods arranged for a special meeting to discuss the problems the humans were giving them. They desired to be superior and intelligent like the humans and they needed to find a way. As luck would have it, the gods had really powerful sorcerers, and after much consultation, they found a permanent solution. 

The sorcerers would combine all their powers to separate the humans from part of themselves. They figured that the humans would be powerless if the male part was separated from the female part. They were not entirely sure of this but they had ran out of options and they could use whatever ideas they could find. 

They planned a big trap for disguised as a party. The gods claimed to be exhausted by the rivalry between the humans and their species and therefore all they desired was peaceful coexistence between them and the human. All the humans made a point to attend, unaware of the fate that awaited them. Soon after, the sorcerers were already at work and sure enough their magic did work. 

The humans were very confused, they did not know how to live without their counterparts. The confusion turned into fear and they became helpless. They were terrified of how they looked and they mostly lived in caves as they adapted to their new lives. They moved far from the gods and it later became easier for the next generation of humans. The end.

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