Long Ago (Sam Sly)

Too often we look back at the way people lived and evaluate the past in terms of social interactions and businesses that dominates our lives today. Love, peace and togetherness were the key things to the better growth of the society. Social equality was practiced in every community.  Children learned to contribute to their family’s survival at a tender age.  Superiority and seclusion of some members of the society never existed in their world. Disputes were solved amicably to reduce the chances of hatred among the members.

Social gatherings to discuss matters affecting the community or anything affecting the normalcy in the surrounding were conducted time to time. Everyone felt the love ties which bonded them. Freedom of expression was highly valued as everyone had a different point of view in different matters. Their relationship bond and ties were unbreakable. Moral virtues were passed from the old people to the young in the society through meetings were boys were taught the morals by the old men and the girls on the other hand were taught by the old ladies. The young generation had the opportunity to learn everything that pertains their role in the society. Today, things have completely changed. The love and togetherness that existed with our fore fathers has completely faded in our own hands. We have totally tarnished the cultural foundations forefathers had grounded for us. It’s the high time we have to sit back and embrace the roots our fathers had grounded for us.

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