Long Ago (Phinick)

Long ago, 
When you promised me everything, 
Honey you promised me the whole world,
But ironically gave me a small village, 
Baby a village full of tears, fears and broken trust.

 Long ago, 
When you promised me companionship beyond mere words, 
When you promised to be an inch closer to me like a skin, 
When you promised me trust that won’t drown even if we lay it on the sea, 
When you promised not to harm me nor hurt me,  

Long ago, 
When we could run to the sea just to rock boats, 
When we could hold hands,
kiss passionately as we play, 
When you could make me understand that we were close just like sea water and sea sand, 
When our nakedness meant nothing but a joy full of love. 

Long ago, 
When I meant the whole world to you, 
When you promised to hold me forever, 
When you uttered joyful and heartfelt words to me, 
When you the king pronounced me a queen to your empire. 

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