Long Ago (Niccur)

I left  my home a long time ago
Never felt this way before
Feels like am all alone in this crowded dome
Where everyone wants to know
What I have got to show
I ain’t never Rollin slow
Have so many enemies to blow
They are living inside my soul

This ain’t a poem,
this is so much more
I wish I could just write it and show u all…
I am not the kinda guy that deals with my feelings
I am the kinda guy that keeps it at distance
My life is so crazy,
I can’t show you in metaphor
I didn’t even think I could get to 24
I had been through it like so much more 
There were times when I couldn’t even open my door
Depression got me crying sitting on the floor 

When I go outside,
I put on a show I got good at pretending I should even get an award
There was no one that could get me 
The thoughts on my mind always looking for something to end me-Self
destructive thoughts enslaved me to the core

I am dilapidated,
explains the ore of  the dark complexity,
the gloominess of my soul I am not the type to fight my demons
nor dare to confront them
I am too tired for it
Hands up, on my knees,
I am done

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