Long Ago (Lucky)

My grandfather told me
A man with betrayal 
Will leave you when the road darkens

Politics is a dirty game
A sport marked with dark stains
Where people lie and loot with no shame
Betrayal and back stabbings;
then switched blame Leaders talking,
with short jokes
Citizens being losers who take notes
Democracy is bought with a few notes
But for the scarcity and the poverty
The rulers rarely take note

With greed and thirst
Rulers who’re looters assume throne
With nothing but dust and thirst
A broke man is thrown out of a home
His heart is made of stone’
Talent and humility; the traits that build the stone
A king: he should have a throne
Then the thieves should get some stones

On a podium you stand and say“Ladies and Gentlemen”
It is insolent; we’ve been so gentle men
We’re no longer the ladies and gentlemen
The learned are working as watchmen
The promised jobs are jobless

Continued corruption; a refrain
We hide behind the TV as we strain
With bills in books that we claim
Graft and Greed; a chorus
How big are your stomachs?
Who spends millions on buying a door mat?
How do you ‘eat’ tones of funds for months?
How big are your stomachs?
Do you have four mouths?
Forgive my foul mouth

I’m wishing that they were the tales of long ago…

Here is Niccur’s Poem, Swinnertone’s Poem, HOME

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