Long Ago ( Lucky)

When I was young
In our country, we drove on the left of the road
Today, we drive on what’s left of the road
A bumpy ride is the only way to let you know
You realize what you had when it is gone
My neighbors kept complaining
Blaming the government of negligence
“We elected Eloquent leaders with cute manifestos
But they thanked us by giving as bad roads, potholes.”
The problem was not the ditches though
Politics ditched the people’s hearts
Ditches way deeper than empty pockets
The only remedy to this ailment, Love

When my parents were young
Love was shown by Walking miles to see your lover
Neither did It matter if the sun was scotching
Nor did the roughness of the rain limit a lover’s exuberance
Today, the impression of Love Is vague
It has faded like stars that shine before the sun
likes and follows on media show Intimacy
Love has faded like a passing breath
The hearts of lovers disconnected

Hearts yearns for genuine Love
I want to ride with my lover on the left side of the road.

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Gracie’s Article, HOME

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