Long Ago (Gracie)

Long ago in a world quite different from the one we know, there waged a war which
was centered on the ultimate grasp on power. A little girl in a small village in Maasai land sat
quietly on an ashy three-legged stool, her heavy head cushioned and supported by her trembling hands. Her fate was sealed.

She was an odd one, singled out quite easily from the rest of her age mate. They say
curiosity killed the cat, but this particular cat was not afraid of death. From the time she learnt how to walk and talk, she had her roles well laid out for her. She was told she was different. They told her that duties were sacred but direly separate. When her brother was being groomed into a future business man, she was nurtured to be an outstanding homemaker. However, in all her innocence, she could not help but ask why. Women were meant to be seen and not heard. This had become a mantra that had been drilled into her like a sacred prayer. Even so, the little girl wanted to read, she loved sports and she admired to be something better, something more than what was expected of her. Today she saw papa come home with one of the elders. She was put in charge of serving tea, a noble duty of a matured girl, but every time her eyes locked with those teary ones of Mzee Yakub, she got an eerie feeling that settled uneasily in her flat tummy. She smelled a conspiracy steaming hot between the two men who seemed closer than before, but like caged boars roaming in circles in the plain view of malicious butchers, she was helpless.

As she sat in a meeting solely dedicated to her future, she dreamt of a better one for all
the girls and women to come after her. Afterwards, she walked back to her ashy three-legged
stool, her heavy head cushioned and supported by her trembling hands. Her fate was sealed, but that was long Ago.

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