Long Ago. (Gracie)

If only free will was absolute. Great men of long-ago fought for justice and free will. Martin Luther King once had a dream, a dream that one day free will would thrive in the new world order. But this still remains a dream yet to be realized. We tend to believe that we exist for ourselves, that we are in charge of our destinies, that we live for our own happiness. However, we are blind and oblivious of the fact that we are trapped in an invisible cage that limits and dictates our fates. A cage erected by the society we submit to.

                 The need to be loved, accepted and acknowledged, from a time long ago, to a time today, tends to supersede the ego that sustains our self-importance. That is why the filth and corruption in our political circles still thrives even decades later, from the time of our fallen fathers. Race, religion and social quo still dictates how we live and exist. A friendship is denied on the basis of color. Segregation, based on sexuality, continues due to rules set by religious groups and laws enacted by the government. Empathy, on the other hand, is lost down the road of impunity and greed of wealth.

                 What we need is courage. Courage to achieve that which was fought for long ago. Courage to take down the walls erected by the selected few in the society. Courage to do what is right, through fairness and not the set rules on the ground. Only then will we have the right to say that we are living, thriving and dictating our own future. Then and only then would free will be absolute.

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